Repiling is a term used to describe the replacement of rotting or defective house piles (Piles are wooden or concrete posts under a house that form the foundations and are what many New Zealand houses sit on) it involves the lifting of a home in order to access the piles or footing to be replaced or repaired. With over 40 trucks and vehicles our team is well equipped to not only carry out such work but do so in a fast, no hassle fashion saving you time and money.

How to tell if my house needs repiling?

  • Cracks appearing in internal walls, ceilings and corners
  • Bouncy / Uneven floorboards
  • Doors and windows not closing properly
  • Cracks in exterior walls
  • Tilted look from outside

Not sure? If you want your mind set at ease simply get in touch with the team at Highway House Movers and arrange an onsite visit for a free assessment.

Why Us?
Highway House Movers is a family owned and operated company with over 35 years’ experience in the industry based in both Whangarei and Auckland we cover the North Island from the top of Cape Reinga through to the Waikato.
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